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Client Feedback:

Frederic Rubin is the attorney everyone wishes they could have. He was my attorney and he gave sage advice that led to a successful conclusion of my case. He worked tirelessly for me, always a gentleman, always available.

Fred is a Professional and a Great lawyer.

5.0 stars
Posted by Nino Zozzaro
November 2019

We did better then expected and after getting a second opinion with another lawyer to verify how everything settled.

I was told by the other Lawyer –

“You won’t beat that outcome! You got a great deal and I wouldn’t change anything.”


Excellent and caring and knowledgeable Attorney

5.0 stars
Posted by Emily Pfeil
February 2020

GREAT lawyer- not only will he fight for you in court but Fred actually cares about his clients. 10/10 would reccomend, awesome custody lawyer and great person to represent you in court i will definitely be going back to him, the bad reviews must be spam or incorrect or from someone who didn’t get their way.


Excellent and caring and knowledgeable Attorney

5.0 stars
Posted by Miriam
November 7, 2016


Fred is very patient and knowledgeable, takes time to provide information and options, listens to what you want, and finds a good balance of advising and instructing. My divorce took over 3 years from the date of separation, and we consulted for several years before that. He helped me decide when to file for divorce and how the process could work afterwards. We used a hybrid collaborative process that took a lot of detailed work, especially with some long delays while certain things were being worked out. Fred advised me on goals, what was reasonable and unreasonable, and strategies we might use. He helped keep the process from becoming too contentious, implementing my choices of how to proceed after he presented options and recommendations. Fred is personable and easy to work with in these situations, and he has a steady, positive, professional manner in meetings with other parties. I highly recommend Fred, especially if you are considering a collaborative or hybrid collaborative divorce.

Hybrid Collaborative Divorce

5.0 stars
Posted by Michael
November 3, 2016


Fred was there for me over many years during an extremely tough multi State custody battle for my son. From the beginning he was the only one who gave me a chance. Every other lawyer I consulted told me my case was a lost cause, and the constitutional law was against me. I’m proud to say years later my son and I are still together happy and thriving!

Great Champion

5.0 stars
Posted by Patrick
November 2, 2016


Fred is an attention to detail lawyer. He takes time to understand your case and represent accordingly. He is providing an extra-ordinary legal service in my case.

Excellent Legal service

4.0 stars
November 7, 2016


Fredric has been wonderful! He helped me through my divorce. He is highly knowledgeable and keeps you up to date with everything. He responded very quickly to all my calls and emails which made the process go smooth and stress free as possible. He is a kind man with great advice! I highly recommend Fred!


5.0 stars
November 1, 2016


I had the pleasure of consulting with Fred on my family matter. In our conversation, Fred demonstrated professionalism, insight, and the ability to quickly grasp the issues and my concerns in my convoluted family situation. He listened to me, directly answered my questions, and showed a genuine concern for my situation. Although it was just a consultation, and I ultimately did not engage Fred as my situation necessitated also pursuing an estate litigation attorney, Fred gave me great direction and advice.

Professional, insightful, effective communicator, good listener

5.0 stars
Posted by Michele
October 8, 2016


Fred has the experience and dedication to bring resolutions to the table. His calm but effect knowledge of the law is vital in bringing about a positive result for his client. He has proven that to me.

Experience Does Matter

5.0 stars
Posted by Bob L
May 24, 2016


Fred was very flexible and informative. He answered all my questions and did whatever it took to make sure my case went smoothly. He was polite and cordial to the defendant during our custody conference and was able to get him to agree to an arrangement that worked for the both of us. I have already made a referral to my brother to use his services and I will be contacting him for any future legal matters that he covers if the need should arise. Thank you, Fred!

Friendly and informative

5.0 stars
Posted by Ashlee
May 15, 2016


Fred has been my advocate and guru for all of life’s major problems. My complicated Music business career has presented many unique problems that Fred has always managed to untangle. There aren’t enough stars up there to rate him, you need at least twelve!

Eighteen years with Fred Rubin

5.0 stars
Posted by David
April 25, 2016


Here what other professionals have to say:


Fred is an excellent litigator tough, tenacious and bright. Highly recommended.

February 26, 2015, Robert worked directly with Fredric D. at Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin

Robert Katzenstein

Attorney at Robert L. Katzenstein and Associates


I consider Fredric the best of the best and I can call him a friend as well!! Fredric has YOU in his best interest and I consider him an expert negotiator. He uses a creative approach that will always get the results desired and he has deep respect and care for his clients, which matters a lot in a world full of attorneys to choose from. If you want personal attention and expert results that won’t disappoint then you will choose to work with Fredric.

April 29, 2013, Lori was Fredric D.’s client

Lori Geib

PA Licensed Mortgage Originator NMLS #1070051


Fred is a thorough, reasonable and knowledgeable attorney who is an effective advocate for his clients.

November 13, 2012, Robert T. was with another company when working with Fredric D. at Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin

Robert T. Repko

Owner of Repko Law, LLC


The first thing you notice about Fred is his attention to detail.

A consummate professional; his appearance, presentation and approach define he letters of the law. He embodies a thirst for knowledge and passion for pursuing truth that represent his all-in commitment for his clients.

As a collaborative law coach and consultant I am proud to have evolved along-side him as a Bucks County Collaborative Law member. When tomorrow’s sensible clients seek the more rational path of Collaborative Divorce, they will be well served by Fred Rubin, Esq.

November 13, 2012, Dr. Lee worked directly with Fredric D. at Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin

Dr. Lee Picariello

Keynote Speaker – Performance Consultant – Motivational Public Speaker – Mindful Athlete Training at Mind Flex LLC


Fred Rubin is a highly skilled trial attorney and mediator. He holds ethics in the highest regard and zealously represents the interests of his clients. He is a seasoned lawyer who has been exposed to virtually every legal issue and handles same with great confidence and integrity.

November 12, 2012, Kevin was Fredric D.’s client

Kevin Malloy

Lawyer at DiSandro & Malloy, P.C.


Fred Rubin is an outstanding attorney who adheres both to the highest skill set and ethical standards that is to be expected of trial attorneys.

November 12, 2012, Kerry worked with Fredric D. at Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin

Kerry Litt

Partner at Baun & Litt


Fred was a worthy adversary in a hotly contested litigation matter in Philadelphia. He’s the type of lawyer that after you are up against him, you make a mental note that he’s the guy you would hire if you need representation. Top notch.

November 12, 2012, Joseph P. worked with Fredric D. at Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin

Joseph P. Grimes

Managing Partner at Joseph P. Grimes, Esquire, LLC

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