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Divorce Litigation and Mediation Attorney in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties

Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process which serves as an alternative to the traditional adversarial, court-based system for deciding disputes. In that traditional system, a third party, usually a judge, makes the decisions. They are thus imposed from the outside. In Mediation, a trained mediator works with the parties to improve their communication with each other, and help them reach settlement of the issues. Though not all cases are good candidates for Mediation, many, if not most, are. If you think you and the other side might benefit from mediation services, the Law Office Of Fredric D. Rubin is ready to help. I was one of the first attorneys in this region to become involved in Mediation, beginning my extensive formal training around the country in 1987. As a mediator in legal disputes, my goal is to facilitate mutually agreeable settlements through time-tested techniques.

Divorce Litigation and Mediation Attorney in the Holland & Newtown, PA area

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As a Mediator I work hard to help both sides develop a thorough and shared understanding of the issues in dispute and to assist the parties in understanding each other’s respective needs and interests. In the Mediation process I do not represent one party against the other. Rather, I guide both parties to help them identify practical, fair and lasting solutions. Mediation is private and confidential. I take the time to facilitate the discussions and negotiations so you and the other side can work through the issues and reach your mutual resolution, rather than pushing anyone to an outcome with which one or both parties are not comfortable.

You deserve prompt, professional Mediation services from someone you can trust. Visit my profile by typing my name on the website, and call me today to learn more about my Mediation services for divorce and other family disputes, as well as for resolution of Personal Injury and other claims.

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