Do You Need Legal Help After an Arrest or Injury or Because of a Family Law Problem?

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Are you confused and concerned about your recent arrest? Are you injured and fighting for compensation to aid in your recovery? Are you facing divorce, support, custody or other family law issues? The Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin provides criminal defense and support for injured individuals and people facing family law issues in Richboro, Newtown and surrounding areas throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties. The Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin will guide you through the tough process to fight for the best outcome. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or other incident, or arrested for a felony, you can trust the experience and expertise at The Law Office of Fredric D. Rubin.

3 Reasons to Consult Fredric D. Rubin

1. He’s a litigator and mediator with extensive legal knowledge

Fredric D. Rubin is proficient in a wide range of legal matters. He’s a veteran attorney with more than 48 years of experience in the following areas of legal practice:

2. He offers convenient hours

Fredric D. Rubin tailors his consultation hours to the needs of his clients. He provides counsel for clients in Bucks County, Montgomery County and beyond. He’s committed to making himself available when you need him most.

3. He offers reasonable fees

Fredric D. Rubin offers individualized fees for many of his cases to ensure that you'll receive maximum value for your legal services.

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